5 motive sa vedeti Kultika in concertul din B52

Kultika – post-metal romanesc, lansare album, muzicieni experimentati, inovatie si personalitate. La acestea mai adaugam faptul ca trupa a ajuns sa fie laudata de doua din cele mai importante publicatii americane de profil, Metalsucks si Metal Injection.

‘Kultika are from Romania, and they kind of remind me of what The Ocean might sound like if The Ocean’s compositions were just a tad simpler. This is fine, because while we love The Ocean their concepts can get a bit lofty at times… and often you just wanna rock out without sacrificing progressive composition…like CoL, it’s full of gristle and stonery spaciness and aching melody, all amalgamated into one appealing package. I’ve listened to this album twice now, and the second listen only made me appreciate it more. It’s not hard to imagine that somewhere down the road, Kultika could craft something as excellent and universally-beloved as Vertikal.’

‘The Strange Innerdweller is an interesting listen- the songs are long, there are sections that stick to one riff for a fairly decent amount of time and there’s a lot of decidedly non-post-metal sections scattered about the album. The final product of all those ingredients is something that’s highly enjoyable but also interesting and fresh to hear. Just think about how many post-metal bands you’ve heard in the past year or so that you wouldn’t be able to tell apart one from another if you were given a test. That, or even describe beyond “they sounded like Isis and The Ocean.”

The reliance on building tensions and resolving them on grand scale throughout the album is minimal, and instead is replaced with creating fragile atmospheres that can drop into different types of sections on a moment’s notice. That’s the beauty of The Strange Innerdweller- where the genre it heavily draws from strongly utilizes the tension-and-resolution technique, the album simply takes the feelings of the tensions and crafts a light atmosphere from them. if a resolution happens to occur, great! If not, anything else could happen and the listener gets an equally enjoyable, unique experience. It’s as if the album were written under a musically agnostic mantra- there might be an ultimate goal, but if there isn’t we’ll make it work.’

Concertul din Club B52 va fi deschis de grupul bucurestean Tragic. Trupa Tragic s-a infiintat in anul 2007 avand ca membri pe: Alexandru Ungureanu (voce), Octavian Trica (chitara), Adrian Iosif (bas), Augustin Pitica (tobe) Moraru Tiberiu (fost membru) si Marin Marcel (fost membru), intrand cu adevarat in scena underground romaneasca la sfarsitul anului 2009 intr-o formula finala si bine sudata de 4 .

Formatia abordeaza un altfel de sunet prin imbinarea stilurilor muzicale underground ca punk, alternativ, grunge si metal, cu stiluri rock mai neconventionale, ca stoner metal si psihedelic.

Open doors: 20:00. Pretul unui bilet este de 20 de lei si poate fi achizitionat in seara evenimentului.

Kultika bandcamp link.

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